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At Brash Fitness we have a saying “You can’t out exercise bad nutrition” we say this because it is true. Learn how to fuel your body properly with simple strategies that work.

If you’re looking to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, increase your energy, improve athletic performance we have a plan for you!

Through workshops and presentations, articles, recipes, e-books and private 1-on-1 nutrition coaching we will help you reach your goals.

Meet our Holistic Nutritionist Jessica Morris:

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As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Personal Trainer, Jessica specializes in natural nutrition, body composition, and longevity. Her passion for natural nutrition, fitness and wellness inspires her clients to look and feel their best.

Jessica has worked with professional athletes and has been featured on many health and wellness television and radio shows. Her mission is to guide you into the best version of you!



Brash Fitness x Jessica Morris Health Nutrition Workshop: for more information and a schedule of events please contact us –

Private Nutrition Coaching with Jessica: If you are looking for a tailored and individualized nutrition program we can help.

Nutrition/Supplement Package 
Includes: initial intake, questionnaire, Q+A, goal setting (60 minutes)
Follow up: (30 minutes) nutrition plan/grocery/supplement program is presented
This plan includes Q+A through e-mail
Supplement Program 
Includes: Client intake, goals setting, Nutribody evaluation form (30 minutes)
Follow up: (30 minutes) Nutribody results are presented along with supplement program
This plan includes Q+A through e-mail
Grocery Tour / Shop
45 minute tour of how to eat clean in a grocery store setting
How to read nutrition labels
What foods to look out for
The importance of organic/grass-fed produce and meats
Favorite brands
Any ADDITIONAL follow-up nutritional/supplement consults are 30 minutes 
For Nutrition Package Prices please contact us –












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