Group Training

  • Three distinct levels of difficulty [Core | Intermediate | Advanced]
  • Group training with anywhere from 4-12 people [Advanced classes are capped at 8]
  • Individual and Team Challeneges
  • Focus is on general fitness, utilizing the Olympic lifts, basic barbell exercises, kettlebells, gymnastics, running, sprinting, rowing, throwing, and a long list of bodyweight movements
  • 60min classes divided into warm up, strength/ skill/ conditioning and core/ cool down
  • Learn new skills and concepts
  • Training for Obstacle races, athletic and fitness competitions and sport
  • Continued support and expert coaching

More Group Training Information

Private Group | Corporate and Community Wellness Program

  • Inspire your colleagues, employees or friends with a healthy lifestyle change
  • Group classes for Business, Community Organizations, Teams and Friends
  • decrease absenteeism, reduce health care expenses and increase productivity among employees
  • boost company morale, further develop personal relationships and can be essential in team building

Our corporate wellness programs re 45 minutes to an hour, depending on what your company is looking for.  If you’re interested in bringing fitness and wellness to your employees, contact Andrew

Private Training [1-on-1]

  • Work exclusively with a nationally certified fitness professional
  • Work on weaknesses, imbalances or overcome injury
  • Customized strength, conditioning and flexibility program to meet your needs
  • Motivation, inspiration and practical instruction to get you to realize your goals

For Private Coaching rates please contact Andrew

Semi Private [Up to 4 people]

  • A workout partner to motivate and help provide accountability
  • Friendly competition
  • Share your journey with a friend and get results together
  • Training with a friend not only adds to the fun but saves you $$$$!

To book a complimentary consultation or training session email:

BRASH Kids [Youth Conditioning Camps]

  • designed to inspire fitness and healthy living in our future leaders
  • Fun, exciting, competitive environment
  • no two workouts will ever be the same
  • kids and teens never get bored and the novelty of each workout keeps them excited about future training sessions
  • Sports Teams [hockey, soccer, football, baseball, etc] off season training



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