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Brash Fitness is a dynamic strength and conditioning program. We have designed our program to be a diverse and inclusive system incorporating many different training methods and modalities including but not limited to; weightlifting, body weight exercises, kettle bell training, climbing, throwing, Olympic lifting, sprinting, plyometrics and agility drills. By using functional movements executed at high intensity, we can improve the physical fitness, in everyone from elite athletes to sedentary office workers. We focus on functional movements and specific sports conditioning in our programming because it challenges the body’s hard drive [muscles, heart, lungs] and software [brain and nervous system].

At Brash Fitness you are coached through your fitness journey. Proper instruction plus proper execution equals optimal results. We don’t fill classes up just to maximize the bottom dollar, resulting in a poor experience for our members and athletes. Smaller class sizes means quality instruction and a more personal touch to your training. There are no aimless wanderers or treadmill channel surfers at Brash Fitness, be prepared for an intense guided fitness approach.

Additionally, working in a group setting with like-minded individuals creates a symbiotic effect (people responding and feeding off of each other’s drive and pushing themselves further), and you are always under the supervision of certified trainers, making sure that your form is correct during these movements. 

Whether your goals include enhanced athletic performance, weight loss, health and longevity, or just elevating your training, our mission is to enable you to look, feel and perform at your best. 


The Brash Fitness program is made up of complex movements and sport specific drills that require and develop precise technique and coordination. Therefore, a coaches technical competence and training experience is vitally important.

Andrew Ciccarelli | Owner | Head Coach










Strength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer | Published Writer

Andrew is the founder and head trainer at Brash Fitness Strength & Conditioning specializing in private and group fitness. Brash Fitness is a dynamic training program designed to combine aesthetics and sports performance – getting you lean and fit at the same time!

Andrew strives to get the most out of his clients both physically and mentally. Goal setting is the genesis of the Brash Fitness program, building towards the body you always dreamed, setting new performance accomplishments and guiding you in making health and fitness a top life priority.

In his time as a professional Andrew has had the opportunity to coach busy moms, students, executives, models as well as accomplished athletes in a variety of sports [martial arts, soccer, Gaelic football, basketball, marathon runners and cyclists]. He is also an Expert Contributor on and an ambassador for Kettlebells 4 Autism with the goal of raising awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder through kettlebell training and sport. | IG: @brashfitness @acbrash| T: @BrashFitness @ACBrash | #ShowOff


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