BURNflow Yoga for Athletes


BURNflow – Yoga for Athletes

Recognizing the importance of yoga as part of a holistic fitness approach, BURNflow was designed not to replace lifting weights, but to complement it by being a foundation for superior strength and fitness.

In this program athletes learn safe and effective movements that help them to find balance between strength and mobility, giving them an edge in their training.

BurnFlow sessions will leave you feeling stronger, with increased range of motion, and energy! Yoga has been proven to help individuals manage stress and operate more efficiently. By incorporating breath, relaxation and meditation techniques you will learn to calm the mind while still challenging the body physically.

In this 60-minute practice, athletes are coached through a methodical sequence that will focus on dynamic and static movement, combined with specific breathing and alignment cues to ensure you reap the most benefit from each posture.

BURNflow – Yoga for Athletes Wednesday 7:10PM

To Book a Trial Class CONTACT US right now!

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