The Show Off Season Program is Here!

ShowOff Season (1)

The countdown to summer is finally here! Pool parties. Beach days. Outdoor weddings. Barbecues. Patios. Tank tops.

It’s the kick off to summer aka Show Off Season baby!

As the winter layers come off so should the ‘winter layers’ if you know what I mean. I mean clothes in the former and fat in the latter. You got it, sorry.

At Brash Fitness we get ready for summer with our signature fat loss and muscle gain program, The Show Off Season. Because being lean and jacked is why we train so hard. Those tank tops are not going wear themselves….

This is a three month program we have designed specifically with the summer and all those above activities in mind. Our Show Off Season or SOSZN focuses on fitness, nutrition and habits [big one].

This program is huge. It is the most in depth and comprehensive program we have put together to date. I’m talking over 30 files covering everything from your specific workouts, recipes, shopping lists, goal setting worksheets and more. We didn’t skimp on any part of this. We covered it all, left nothing out.

In all seriousness though this program is about helping you look and feel amazing not just this summer but all year long.

What’s Inside?

What don’t you get? Allow me to break it down for ya.


The nutrition portion is extremely important. We worked very hard this time around to simply everything. We believe the system in this program is so easy to follow you can implement it all right away.

With nutrition we tackle: fat loss, muscle gain, balancing out your blood sugar, eliminate cravings, improve digestion, increase energy, improves quality of sleep, decrease mood swings. Overall, feel f*ck’n awesome!

40 Page Recipe Guide – smoothies, breakfast, lunch, dinner, even homemade condiments. We’re already getting great feedback on the recipes from our members who have the guide.

Nutrition Success Manual – This is the key to all of your success! You get all the rules of the program, the nutrition strategies and the education to help you reach all of your goals, finally!

In the Nutrition folder you also get: A Dinning Out Guide, Our Ultimate Nutrition Cheat Sheet, Sample Meal Plans and Grocery Lists that work specially with the meal plan.


You can get amazing results with just the nutrition covered but double your results and your abs with our fat loss and muscle building program templates.

Training Guide – With the SOSZN training guide we reveal the ins and outs to maximize your time in the gym for turbo charging fat loss and building great looking muscle. The training guide will teach you all about training volume, intensity, exercise selection and time under tension. And with our workout template all you have to do plug in the exercises using our huge list of exercises.

You will also get 5 bonus workouts: Great Glutes, The Gun Show, Finishers, Travel+Home Workouts and Advanced Sprint Workouts.

Additional Bonus Material

‘and that’s not all…’ We are so committed to your goals that addition to all the Nutrition and Fitness information packed into the program we found room to squeeze in a few more keys to success.

Plateau Buster – along the way there may be a point at which you stall out. Use this guide to reevaluate everything you doing or not doing!

Goal Setting 101 and Goal Setting Worksheet – First learn how to set good goals then write them all down

Habit Self-Assessment, Habit Tracking Worksheet and 5 Key Habits – The key to successfully following this program and seeing the results you want is developing good habits.

Bonus Healthy Recipe Guide – Because a 40 page Recipe Guide wasn’t enough we added 5 more recipes.

A program of this depth would normally run hundreds of dollars. In fact, all in the ShowOff Season is valued at over $300. Not for our members!

Our members receive the entire program for $29.99 and guess what? We are extending that same offer to YOU. Get the entire SOSZN program, no changes, nothing left out for the same price as our current in person training clients – $29.99.

‘Why is it so cheap?’ That is an exact quote from a member you purchased the program when we launched it last week. Simple, because we do not want anything to come between you and getting results. Not price, not time, not effort, not lack of information.

Do not hesitate any longer. Would you like to be the next transformation success story? Read about Brady’s Transformation.

It is time to get the results you want with proven strategies.

Order your copy of the Show Off Season program right now! Get it HERE

ShowOff Season Complete Program Bundle
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