Brash Fitness Relentless Lunge Challenge Recap

I slept like a baby Saturday night.
We are 4 days post Relentless Lunge Challenge and my legs still hurt!People were asking me how it went and my answer was, ‘it was good.’ quickly followed by ‘but it was terrible.’

At probably 375 meters, only 25 meters to go I had a moment of doubt. An ‘I don’t know if I can finish this’ moment. That was brief. Of course I would finish….

As a reminder, maybe for those who could not attend but would love to give it a try on their own, the Relentless Lunge Challenge was 400 meters of body weight walking lunges or 100 m body weight, 100 m barbell overhead walking lunges [95 lbs for the men/ 65 lbs for the women], 100 m body weight, 100 m barbell walking lunges for a total of 400 meters.

You can see more pictures from the event on our Facebook page HERE

Just in case you thought the fun was over…we’re doing it again! Not the same challenge but a new one.

Here’s what I need from you – send in your ideas for the next Relentless Challenge taking place in June. Shout out to Brash Inner Circle Member, Josh B for the Lunge Challenge. I have a t-shirt with your name on it!

Things to remember:

Relentless Challenges takes place outdoors. We can bring in special equipment but it would be limited.

Use the environment. Think hills, tracks, bars, stones, etc

It’s a Metabolic Conditioning event. Couplets, triplets, rounds, AMRAP, think lots of work as fast as you can!

Make it hard, that’s the way we like it!

Submit your workout below.

If we use your workout we will send you a Brash Fitness Show Off t-shirt or tank



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