Happy New Year! Special Offer….

brash fitness 2014 year in review 2
Happy New Year!
2014 was a tremendous year for Brash Fitness. We have grown leaps and bounds…helping more people live fit/active lives than ever before.
That is why we decided to extend a special New Year offer to brand new members!!
At Brash Fitness we know what it takes to get people results – check out Amanda’s ridiculous results over only 5 weeks time!
We deliver fantastic workouts. But what makes us different from everyone else is our level of commitment to you and your goals. For us it’s not just about those hardcore workouts. It’s about the attention to detail that will get the complete transformation you’re looking for like Stephanie who in one month dropped 2.6% body fat, lost 8 lbs of fat and increased her lean muscle 4 lbs!
brash fitness amanda success stroy
Imagine being a former University athlete only to get swallowed up by your new life behind a desk. Unable to do one full pull up and barely getting through the first few classes Dusan’s journey began at 220lbs 23% body fat after his first year of training he got to 200lbs and 14% bf! And not only was he able to do full pull ups but at 6’4″ he’s doing muscle ups too!
The results are real. You can come in anytime and see these folks in action. Talk to them about their journey, what the process was like for them. Ask them their secrets to success.
Our special New Year offer is only for those ready to reach any and every goal possible.
[new clients only]
Email us today to get started again!

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