Kettlebells 4 Autism

kbell for autism


Brash Fitness Strength and Conditioning is pleased to be an official Ambassador for Kettlebells 4 Autism.

Kettlebells 4 Autism was created in February, 2013,  with the intention of using kettlebell training and sport as a platform to raise awareness about autism.

Their goal is to support research, and the delivery of evidence based practices and treatment to individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Through the sale of Kettlebells 4 Autism merchandise, our aim is to raise funds for a minimum of 4 organizations per year. Click here to learn about two of our beneficiaries who will be supported by money raised through our merchandise sales and comedy night in 2013. We thank you for your support!

You can purchase a KB4A t-shirt from their online shop. Check out all the people from around the world rocking their shirts HERE

kb4a workshop 1Why Brash Fitness supports KB4A

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