Pound For Pound The Strongest

Ela brute strength deadlift

Congratulations to Brash Fitness Athlete, Ela the 2013 Toronto Athletic Games Brute Strength Pound for Pound Challenge Women’s Champion!

The Brute Strength – Pound for Pound Challenge was the first competition of it’s kind, to test athletes’ proficiency in both conventional and non-conventional strength elements!  Our unique judging format created a level playing field for athletes of all sizes to compete, and showcase their abilities. So exactly what kind of “toys” might did they play with at this event??


– Olympic Barbells

– Dumbbells

– Kettlebells

– Trap Bars


– Tractor Tires

– Prowlers

– Logs

– Farmer’s Walk Implements

– Atlas Stones

Ela brute strength bench press

Womens Open – Top 5

1. Ela Pten – 44 points

2. Mary Le – 37 points

3. Abigail Edgar – 23 points

4. Maddie Lynch – 21 points

5. Sarah Goodenough – 17 points

ela championship meal



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