Relentless III- Results

relentless 3 facebook cover

After two extremely successful challenges the chatter had begun….could Adam three-peat? It would prove to be his toughest competition, athletes came out of the wood work to dethrone the two time champion.

r3 heat 1 go bw

The Workout:

5 Rounds of….

10 Burpee Pull Ups

300 yard Shuttle Run

r3 chris post event

Official Results:

1 Adam -11:50

2 Loren -12:24

3 Bruno -13:05

1 Giulia -14:36

4 Sean -14:40

5 Matt -14:59

6 Chris -16:19

7 Owen -18:42

2 Christina -21:12

Once again Adam was able to fend off some pretty stiff competition from three time Relentless competitor Matt, the returning Loren and Bruno and first time competitor and former fitness man in Toronto the one they call Skinner!

'Mr. Relentless'
‘Mr. Relentless’

For more pictures of the event visit our FACEBOOK PAGE

Relentless IV is set for August 29 2013 don’t miss it!


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