The Natalie Gauvreau Boxing Workout

Boxing is a fantastic way to get in shape, have fun and burn off a little steam. Regardless of your fitness level boxing offers something for everyone. It’s empowering- strap on a pair of gloves and feel the instant confidence boost. Boxing is a great workout- conditioning for boxing like other combat sports [MMA, wrestling, BJJ, Judo, etc] is a mix of aerobic and anaerobic endurance. In short, boxing tests your prolonged stamina as well as short burst endurance. If you are looking to build a lean muscular body, boxing builds a strong core, a powerful upper body, and strong conditioned legs. And one of the most over looked skills you will develop is coordination- hand eye and footwork. And let us not forget that hitting a heavy bag is a [legal] stress reliever!

Here is a quick and easy boxing inspired workout I do with model Natalie Gauvreau [] All you need is a skipping rope, boxing gloves and a medicine ball. If you do not have access to a heavy bag you can shadow box instead.

nat g boxing

The Nat G Boxing Workout

Round 1

60 sec skip

30 sec punching

30 sec push ups

30 sec punching

30 sec jump squats

30 sec punching

30 sec plank

30 sec punching

Round 2

60 sec skip

30 sec punching

30 sec seated medicine ball twists

30 sec punching

30 sec split jumps

30 sec punching

30 sec burpees

30 sec punching

Complete each round 2 times with a 60 second break in between.

Cool down with another 2 minutes of skipping. Total workout time: 20 minutes

Follow Natalie on twitter @SexyNatG


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