355lbs Deadlift at 155lbs

I have not been training my deadlift seriously for about 4 months now. And even when I did incorporate any deadlifting I wasn’t following any one true strength protocol like a 5×5.

In recent months my leg days have primarily been single leg work with lots of lunges, TRX split squats, pistol squats, then box jumps, weighted jump squats and front and back squats at no more than 70% of my 1RM.

Today I decided to deadlift and see if the training I have been doing hurt or helped my deadlift 1RM. Well I maxed out at 355lbs which is a personal best for me and I weighted in today at a whopping 155lbs. My previous best was 350lbs and I weighted almost 15lbs more.

Check out the video below plus a 1RM pull up of 245lbs and the elusive [for some] muscle up 🙂


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