Brash Fitness Performance Reviews

Included in every Brash Fitness program [Private Training- 1on-1/ Semi Private, Group Training, Youth Training] is the Brash Fitness Performance Review [BFPR].

The Brash Fitness Performance Review is a running record, tracking each client’s personal progress through our program. “To know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been”. Without setting a benchmark and tracking your improvement you will never truly know if you are making any strides towards your health and fitness goals.

There are four [4] components to the BFPR; Body Composition, Fitness Testing, Goal Setting and Nutrition Consultation.

Body Composition: In your body composition assessment we will be measuring your total body weight, body fat percentage, fat weight vs lean weight as well as body circumference measurements.

Fitness Testing: The Fit Test incorporates skills, drills and movements we’re already doing during your training sessions. We’ll be testing your functional mobility, static and dynamic flexibility, strength, power, endurance and agility. Many Brash Records are set during Performance Reviews!

Goal Setting: At Brash Fitness we are goal oriented. Goal setting should be a program on its own that is why we have incorporated it into our Performance Review. Our coaches will help you set Outcome Goals [I want to lose 10 pounds], Behavioural Goals [how you will achieve your Outcome Goal] and Performance Goals [tracking your progress in terms of strength and endurance].

Nutrition Consultation: You cannot out exercise bad nutrition. The last thing you want is to feel as if all your hard work in the gym is leading you nowhere. What you eat on a daily basis is the catalyst in your transformation or athletic development process. You will begin by tracking your diet for one week using our nutrition log, after a review of the log we will set out a plan of attack.

Performance Reviews are completed every 4-6 weeks- they are not mandatory but are included in your membership package.


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