Yesterday I dropped a bombshell on you when I proclaimed in two words, the exact same words in the graphic above, EXERCISE WORKS. [Brash Essentials: Training Principles]  I know it might seem far fetched, and you may think I’m stretching the truth a little bit [or a lot] but really [like my nephew says] it works.  

It might be easy for me to say because I’ve been doing it for a long time and I truly enjoy it but consider this: Study’s show that an increase in physical activ….blah, blah, blah.  You’ve heard all this before.  You know exercise is great for you.  We can count the hundreds of reasons why we all should be exercising on a regular basis.  So I won’t do it [today].  

I wanted to share with you actual results from a client of mine to prove to you that this wild proclamation indeed has some weight behind it. 

Quickly as a side note ‘Exercise Works’ is an actual quote I have adopted from my client.

Here we go.  

I’m going to just briefly give you a few performance based results from this client.  We have been working together for almost 7 months now.  On our first meeting I took him through a battery of fitness tests one being a push up test.  Really simple, it’s just how many push ups you can do in 60 seconds.  On day one he did 17.  That is not that bad, I’ve had guys who were unable to perform 1 solid push up.  Three months later we did the test again.  We trained together twice a week for 60 minutes.  On test day he performed 37 push ups in 60 sec an increase of 20.  Really good.  Fast forward another 3 months to test number three and he banged out 51 push ups in the same time a 14 rep increase.  In the first six months of our working together he went from 17 to 51 push ups, a 34 rep increase.  He can do three times as many push ups now in 60 seconds.

Another example.


The first time I had him do a barbell squats we added 30 lbs plus the bar which is 45 lbs so a total of 75 lbs.  As we continued on through the weeks and months I slowly increased the weight.  The last time he performed barbell squats which was a few weeks ago he squatted 205lbs for reps.  That is a 130lbs weight increase people.    

Oh, snap I forgot to mention that this particular client happens to be 49 years old.  I didn’t take some young buck in the prime of his strength and testosterone producing years, nope just a regular Joe who worked hard and followed a well designed training program [horn tooting time!]. 

Exercise works.

There are no excuses.  Age is not a factor that should keep you from looking and feeling and performing [or out performing] like a young stud/ lady.  

Find a good trainer who will design a program for you that will get you to your goals.  Join a group class that is not just selling you ‘weight loss’ but performance increases.  Pick up a DVD [P90X, Insanity, Richard Simmons, Biggest Loser, etc] just get moving.  And please remember….




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