Brash Essentials: Tools of the Trade


Every profession has a set of tools that helps them do their job.  A fully stocked gym is the largest tool box a trainer or client will ever need, but for a small investment you could mimic what you get in your gym, at home.   

People are often surprised at my own personal home gym because I really don’t have that much in it.  I have a set of dumbells from 5 to 25lbs, tubing in various resistance, a couple stability balls and medicine balls, the TRX [which is a bodyweight suspension trainer], different speed and agility equipment [ladders, hurdles, cones] and some kettlebells.  That’s it.  I do have the luxury of of a fully stocked gym [where I run classes] whenever I need it but if I want to get a quick workout in without leaving my house that option is always there.  And you can to.

Top 5 Tools for Your Home Gym/ To Use At Your Gym

*If the gym you’re paying to help get you in shape doesn’t have ALL of the pieces of equipment in this list….then your gym sucks!

5- Stability Ball A stability ball is the best way to challenge your core stability.  Take any exercise from the floor, standing or bench and move it to a ball for a great core challenge.


4- Medicine Ball Medicine balls are great for developing functional strength, allows you to combine cardiovascular and strength training, increases hand eye coordination, great core exercises, multi plane movement, sport specific….in other words they are extremely versatile.


3- Dumbbells/ Kettlebells The only reason I am lumping dumbbells and kettlebells together in this post [cause I would never do that otherwise] is because of the ability to take one set of dumbbells or one dumbbell/ kettlebell and move from one exercise to the next without putting it down.  Dumbbells and kettlebells are both great for building strength and muscle, use them in a circuit to torch fat and improve endurance.


2- TRX or any other Suspension Training System Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  The best part of using the TRX or most other suspension trainers is the fact that they are portable.  The TRX fits in a small pouch, so you can take it on the road with you and set it up in your hotel or you can fix it to a tree, soccer net or pole and train outdoors.  


1- Your Body The absolute best, most inexpensive [because you already own it] piece of exercise equipment is your own damn body.  It’s portable, you can take it everywhere.  It’s versatile, it really can do anything you want it to.  It will provide resistance for you and it will always thank you.  


Honourable Mention Resistance tubing/ bands, jump rope, barbell [if you have the space]


It takes a small investment, but what is your health and fitness worth to you?  You can pay hundreds or dollars on your own home gym, or a gym membership.  You can hire a personal trainer or join a group fitness class or you can spend thousands on medicare or drain your bank account on medication…the choice is yours, its up to you.  


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