Fear VS Greed

There’s an old saying in stock trading that the market is driven by two emotions: fear and greed.  Although there are many more factors and indicators that are important to analyze investment potential and growth, succumbing to these emotions can have a profound and detrimental effect on your portfolio.
This is not a financial blog and I am not the guy to come to when looking for investment advice [but I know a guy if you’re looking for that] but I will connect the two…before I get to how this applies to fitness let me further explain the influence of greed and fear as it pertains to the markets.
 excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.
In the late 90’s we had the internet boom.  If a stock had a .com at the end of it investors leaped at the opportunity to invest.  Buying activity in internet-related stocks, many just start-ups, reached a fever pitch.  Investors got greedy, fueling further greed and leading to securities being grossly overpriced, which created a bubble- which of course burst in mid-2000.  This get-rich-quick mentality makes it hard to maintain gains and keep to a strict investment plan over the long term.
something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension.
Just as greed dominated the market during the dotcom boom, the same can be said of the prevalence of fear following its bust.  In a bid to stem their losses, investors quickly moved out of the equity (stock) markets in search of less risky buys.  When stocks suffer large losses for a sustained period, the overall market can become more fearful of sustaining further losses.
All of this talk of fear and greed relates to the volatility inherent in the stock market.  When investors lose their comfort level due to losses or market instability, they become vulnerable to these emotions, often resulting in very costly mistakes.
But it also relates to the volatility in someones ability to begins or maintain a fitness program.
Fear and greed whether we are aware of it or not are the emotions that prevent us from reaching  our fitness related goals or drive us to accomplish our fitness goals.
What keeps you from changing your current routine, which may include little to know physical activity, countless hours of sitting around and mindless snacking- Fear.  The inability to even step foot inside a fitness centre- Fear.  Yes, gyms can be intimidating, especially when you have no idea where to begin or what you need or want – that’s why they are staffed with Fitness Professionals and personal trainers.  The ‘fear factor’ is one of the reason why bootcamps and group fitness classes are in such high demand, it takes away all of the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ from your workout routine.  Plus it’s social- bring friends or make new friends- even if they are only your gym friends.
Feeling insecure is another reason why many people don’t want to start a fitness program.  They feel as if they aren’t in as good of shape as the people they will run into at the gym.  Bloody bullshit!  I’ve heard this one many times before.  It makes no freakin’ sense.  First of all not everyone who goes to the gym or a group class looks like a bodybuilder or fitness model that’s why they are there and secondly, who gives a rats ass if they are?  How do you think bodybuilders or fitness models or athletes get those bodies- not by sitting at home fearful of what someone might think of them at the gym that’s for sure.
Unlike the stock markets greed when it comes to fitness is a good thing.  This is where the comparisons end.  While in the markets you want an even amount of fear and greed, when it comes to your fitness we need to tip the scales in favour of greed.

Greed is good- when it pertains to fitness.  Greed are the results you are working towards.  Greed is wanting to look better in a bikini, fitting into a pair of super skinny jeans, having a six pack and the biggest arms in the gym.   All the goals you wish to attain while at the gym all play into your need for greed.  More, more more.

Remember the definition:
excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions  a banging bikini body and six pack abs!  

Build.Burn.Brag and Show Off.  Two of the Brash Fitness tag lines preach the importance of greed.

Feed your ego.  We all need to have our ego’s stroked.  Brag next time you have an amazing workout or amazing results- even to yourself.  It’s worth it.
It’s time to tip the scales from fearful to greedy.  Forget the ‘it’s too hard’ and the ‘I don’t have time’ excuses.  From now on think about the results, the impact working out will have on your confidence, health and body.

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