‘Controversial’ Yoga Ads

There always seems to be some group of uptight holier-than-thou assholes that have to rain on someones parade.

This time those assholes are Yogi’s that where offended by a new Equinox ad promoting their new yoga classes.  The video stars Briohny Smyth a yoga teacher and former child star from Asia.  The ad features Briohny in her underwear performing yoga in her bedroom while a man [possibly her fiance] sleeps in the bed.  The commercial has come under fire for being too sexual and even offensive to some for objectifying women.

A couple things that need to be cleared up.  One, Briohny says she was given complete artistic freedom during the shoot.  And they agreed that doing the yoga in her skivvies would show off the moves and ultimately the lines of her body best.  Agreed.

Secondly, during an interview with The Huntington Post she describes her unfortunate battle with a poor self image and the lengths that the people around her wanted her to go for fame.  She credits yoga for helping her through the toughest points of her life.

And lastly, yoga seems pretty damn sexual to me!  Tight little booty shorts, the slow movements, the sweat, the intimacy.  Am I right?  Hot yoga anyone? Nude yoga.  There are even countless galleries dedicated to women in tight yoga pants.  Like thisone or this one and even this one.

There was also some controversy for another ad campaign that featured another Yoga teacher, Kathryn Budig modeling yoga postures in nothing but a pair of socks.  The ad was for ToeSox check out the pictures here.  Do you feel she is being objectified? 
I do not practice yoga, although I plan on incorporating it into my training program- a decision I made well before this video came out but some welcomed motivation to get started!  We’ve all heard of the benefits of yoga: total body strengthening, improved flexibility, mobility, improved focus, and has been known for its benefits in the bedroom- oh another sexual reference……….
Check out the video for yourself…too sexual?…offensive?  Does it make you want to do yoga?



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