Brash Essentials: Exercise Progressions

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results -Albert Einstein
Once you have a handle on the basic movements i.e. push ups, squats, lunges, pullups and the plank it’s time to take those moves to the next level.  My job as a Fitness Professional and coach is to push my clients to that next level.  When you start training, you come in with a set of goals that you wish to achieve, it is my focus to help you hit those goals while helping you set new goals, more challenging goals.[Read about setting goals here]
If your goal is to run a marathon, get that elusive six pack, bench press 300 lbs or keep up with those 20 year old’s at the pick up basketball game you need to progress your training.  Never stay stagnant!  
Using the five basic movements I listed above I will show you just how you can usepractical progressions to seriously amp up your workouts.
The basic push up is done on the toes and I always encourage my clients even if they can only do 1 or 2 in that position to start on the toes before regressing to the bent knee position.

Bent Knee Push up
Incline Push up [hands on bench, feet on floor]
Push up
Decline Push up [feet on bench, hands on floor]
Change your hand position.  Start with hands under your shoulders then take them wider, then take a more narrow position.
Stability Ball push ups [feet on the ball, hands on the floor or hands on the ball, feet on the floor]
Explosive push ups [push yourself right off the floor]
Add weight: wearing a weight vest, have a partner place an olympic weight plate on your upper back
Bodyweight squat/ lunges
Walking bodyweight lunges
Dumbell squats/ lunges
Barbell squats/ lunges
Jump squats/ lunges [bodyweight]
Jump squats/ lunges with dumbbells
Single leg box squats
Pistol squats
Bent Knee Inverted rows
Straight leg inverted rows
Elevated inverted rows
Weighted inverted rows
Band assisted pull ups
Pull ups
Weighted Pull ups
Front plank
Raise 1 arm
Raise 1 leg
Raise Opposite arm and leg
Elevated feet
Feet on Stability ball
Forearms on stability ball
Honestly, the list goes on and on.  I could have listed 20 more exercises for each move.  This will get you started and hopefully get the wheels turning on how you can spice up your existing workouts.
No weight to weighted
Simple to Complex
Slow to Accelerated
Stable to Unstable
Remember, the most important thing is to not stay stagnant.  If you feel you’ve hit a plateau this could be the shot in the arm to move you out of that funk.

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